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Clinic Provider
Nik Hirschi NP-C FNP

Board Certified in Family Practice by AANPCB

Graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2017 MSN

Licensed in NV, AZ

Private practice style uses Holistic Elemental Care and evidenced-based science with nursing theory of the whole person, treating infancy to the elderly.  Provides meaningful patient relationships, helping them set health goals and manage their care needs. He enjoys sports, traveling, and spending time with his family. Has 4 girls and 1 baby boy.

Over 19 years’ healthcare experience. RN experience with ER, OR-Circulator, Pre-op, ICU, Neuro-Rehab, Oncology, Tele, Med-Surgical, Psych, Post-Partum, Peds. Registry-Float, Dementia Care, Home Health, Wound Care, Assisted Living. LPN-Long term care, Skilled nursing home, Past CNA, EMS, PT-tech, Phlebotomist, Transporter. 

Over 7 years’ Primary Holistic Care, Rural Health, Dermatology and Urgent Care.

Over 7 years’ experience providing IV Hydration in private practice. 

Over 17 years’ experience with IV infusions.

Certified with Advance IV Therapy

Certified with Ozone therapy, MAH, Prolozone

Certified with Hyperbaric Ozone, 10 Pass

Certified Peptide Therapy 

Trained in Regenerative Therapies

Trained in Anti-Aging, Pain Management, Aesthetics